Xiaochen Zhu’s Personal Page

Hello! I’m Xiaochen Zhu, also known as Neo. I’m a PhD student at the NLIP Group, University of Cambridge, under the guidance of Prof. Andreas Vlachos. My research primarily focuses on Natural Language Processing, particularly in Dialogue Agents and Non-Autoregressive Generation. Currently, I’m engaged in the Delibot Project, where we develop dialogue agents to enhance group conversations and online deliberation. Additionally, I’m working on advancing dialogue agents with improved content control and strategic planning for long dialogues through diffusion processes.

Before my PhD, I completed my MPhil in Advanced Computer Science at the University of Cambridge, graduating with distinction. I hold a first-class degree in BSc Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science from the University of Edinburgh.


I’ve just started my PhD journey! I’ll fill this website gradually.

Here is my CV.